Nepaug Bible Church - - Pastor's Prayer Meeting Lesson Notes -

Luke: Jesus, The Son Of Man For All Mankind
Part XXXI: Christ's Identity As The Creator's Savior By His Deliverance For The Weakened
(Luke 8:40-56)
  1. Introduction
    1. If Jesus really is the Creator God in the flesh, He should have exhibited the Genesis 1-2 Creator God's power, goodness and sovereignty in overcoming the full scope of the weakening effects of sin.
    2. Luke 8:40-56 reveals Christ's power, goodness and sovereignty as the Creator for the weakened:
  2. Christ's Identity As The Creator's Savior By His Deliverance For The Weakened, Lk. 8:40-56.
    1. In Luke 8:40-56, the healing of the woman was clearly intertwined with the raising of Jairus' daughter:
      1. One event interrupted the other: Jesus' walk to Jairus' house to heal his daughter (Luke 8:40-42, 49-56) was interrupted by the healing of the woman with an hemorrhage, Luke 8:43-48, 49.
      2. One event influenced the other: the interruption by the diseased woman led to the death of Jairus' girl, and the need for Jesus no longer simply to heal her, but to raise her from the dead, Lk. 8:42-43, 49-56.
      3. One event overlapped the other: the hemorrhage of the woman and the span of life for Jairus' daughter covered the same approximate twelve-year time span, Luke 8:42, 43!
    2. Thus, we must view these two events together, and, doing so reveals related evidences of the power, goodness and sovereignty of Jesus as the Creator Who overcomes the weakening effects of sin:
      1. In coordinating the two healings in time, Jesus revealed He is the Sovereign Creator God of TIME:
        1. The Creator God in Genesis 1-2 made the time span of day (Genesis 1:3-5) and placed stellar bodies in the heavens so man could tell longer units of time, including years (Genesis 1:14-16).
        2. Jesus then revealed He was that Creator God by coordinating to the instant the event of the healing the woman with a twelve-year-old hemorrhage and the healing of Jairus' twelve-year-old daughter.
      2. In both healing events, Jesus revealed He is the Omnipotent Creator God to HEAL His creatures:
        1. The physician Luke (Colossians 4:14) wrote that the woman with the hemorrhage had a humanly incurable condition, having spent all her livelihood on doctors with no positive results, yet she was healed by faith through merely touching the corner tassel that hung on Jesus' outer cloak between His shoulder blades, Luke 8:43-44; Ryrie Study Bible, KJV, 1978 ed., ftn. to Luke 8:44.
        2. Jairus' daughter had died due to the interruption of Jesus' trip to her by the diseased woman, and the girl's death was a reality as demonstrated by the presence of mourners at the home, and the fact that these mourners laughed when Jesus noted she only slept, a euphemism for temporary death, Luke 8:49, 52-53. However, Jesus raised her from the dead by speaking a command just like the Creator in Genesis 1 called to life by the word of His mouth all the life forms on earth, Luke 8:54!
      3. In both healing events, Jesus revealed His goodness as the Creator God to NURTURE His creatures:
        1. The woman had touched Jesus' tassel in faith to be healed, but she had likely superstitiously thought that her touch of His tassel had healed her. Also, her ailment had left her a social outcast for over a decade (Leviticus 15; Norval Geldenhuys, The Gospel of Luke (NICNT), 1979, p. 261, a condition not easily reversed in that era. Thus, in His goodness, Jesus as Creator made her healing publicly known to nu rture her spirit by teaching she had been healed by faith, and to clarify to all the crowd to the woman's emotional nurture that she was acceptable as healed, Luke 8:45-48; Genesis 1:31a.
        2. When the interruption of the woman with the hemorrhage led to the death of Jairus' daughter, Jesus showed His goodness as Creator God by encouraging Jairus spiritually in immediately directing him to trust Jesus that his daughter would be made whole (Luke 8:49-50). Jesus considerately allowed only His closest disciples and the girl's parents to witness the girl's resurrection, protecting the privacy of their home life to their emotional nurture (Ibid., p. 262; Luke 8:51-55a). He also directed that food to be given to the raised girl for her physical nurture, Luke 8:55b-56!
Lesson: In His ministries to the woman with the hemorrhage and to the deceased girl, Jesus revealed His power, goodness and sovereignty as the Creator God of Genesis 1-2!

Application: (1) May we believe in Jesus as the Creator God come in the flesh, 1 John 4:1-4! (2) May we yield to His sovereignty, rely on His power and enjoy His goodness as our Creator God!