Nepaug Bible Church - - Pastor's Prayer Meeting Lesson Notes -

Part I: The Path To Gaining Fellowship With God (Leviticus 1-10)
M. God's Revelation Of The Believer's Provision For Lasting Service
(Leviticus 9:1-24)
  1. Introduction
    1. Though every believer is called to serve God, not all complete God's assignment well long-term. Sin keeps the believer from victory in service assignments from the Lord.
    2. Leviticus 9:1-24 is an insightful lesson in God's provision for LASTING service for believer-priests:
  2. God's Revelation Of The Believer's Provision For Lasting Service, Leviticus 9:1-24.
    1. Until now, Aaron and his sons had not actually led the nation in worship -- that had been Moses' role.
    2. Since God wanted Aaron to head the priesthood in leadership for the long-term, God arranged for a special event to occur to prepare and equip Aaron for that long-term ministry (as follows):
      1. After the seven-day ceremonies in which Moses performed much of the rituals to sanctify Aaron and his sons for service before the people (Lev. 8:6, 10, 13, etc.), Moses instructed AARON to start the regular sacrifices HIMSELF, Lev. 9:2-3. Thus, the people were seeing AARON and his sons start FUNCTIONING apart from MOSES, a NEW, UNTESTED ministry!
      2. This new ministry of AARON'S and his sons' included the people's bringing sacrifices unto Aaron and his sons, something that was a "stretch" for the people as they might have wondered if Aaron's service was as valid before GOD as had been Moses' ministry, Leviticus 9:3-5.
      3. Moses explained before the nation, Aaron and his sons that God's glory would appear to sanction this new ministry shift, one in which Aaron would show leadership along with Moses, Lev. 9:6!
      4. Accordingly, Aaron was told by Moses to offer the sin offering and burnt offering for himself, and then to sanctify the people as a result in a ministry as chief priest, Leviticus 9:7.
      5. Aaron did this in accord with the dictates on these offerings laid out in earlier instructions, 9:8-21.
      6. Then, following these rituals that prefigure the atonement and its effects of Christ, Aaron lifted up his hand toward the people and blessed them, then returned from the platform of the offerings, Lev. 9:22.
      7. Moses and Aaron then entered the tabernacle to commune with God. This pictures the entrance of Christ into the heavenlies to intercede for His Church on earth, cf. McGee, Thru The Bible, v. I, p. 361 (Hebrews 9:24-28; 7:25). It reveals the key to a believer's effective ministry for the Lord -- Christ's intercession for him and his ministry unto the Lord.
      8. When Moses and Aaron returned from the tabernacle to the people, God's glory appeared in full view of the nation that was gathered outside the tabernacle, Leviticus 9:23. This glory was the shining pillar of fire they had long seen throughout their wilderness wanderings, so they knew that their God was about to make His own comment on Aaron's and his sons' new ministries!
      9. That comment was a resounding affirmation of Aaron's ministry. God supernaturally sent out an "acceptance" fire from His shining pillar of fire that ignited the burnt offering: when it consumed the offering and its fat, the people realized God had SANCTIONED Aaron's ministry as He had Moses', so they shouted their own affirmation and fell on their faces to worship the Lord, Leviticus 9:24. (See a similar event in the life of Elijah on Mount Carmel in 1 Kings 18:31-39)
Lesson: (1) Aaron and his sons NEEDED and RECEIVED God's PUBLIC, SUPERNATURAL affirmation of their ministries to gain the confidence of God's people for ministry unto them. (2) Also, GOD could work to KEEP the priests qualified for service as they availed themselves of the tabernacle sacrifices! This is seen in Aaron's own use of the sacrifices for himself and of his entrance into the tabernacle to prefigure the Lord Jesus Christ's coming intercession for the Christian, Hebrews 7:25.

Application: (1) Like Aaron, we believers today must look to GOD to get the human cooperation needed to do his will in service, Acts 14:1-3. (2) As Aaron prefigures Jesus' entrance into heaven to intercede for us, we must look to His intercession for cleansing from sin (1 John 1:9) and for empowerment (Hebrews 4:14-16) for our ministry efforts to be sustained long-term (Hebrews 7:25).