Nepaug Bible Church - - Pastor's Prayer Meeting Lesson Notes -

Part I: The Path To Gaining Fellowship With God (Leviticus 1-10)
I. God's Signal To Rest In The Efficacy Of The Cross For Sin's Damages
(Leviticus 7:1-10)
  1. Introduction
    1. When Adam and Eve sinned, they spiritually died, and along with that spiritual death came physical death, and emotional and mental deterioration along with relationship "deaths", Gen. 3:6, 7-19.
    2. These damages caused by sin are severe, and may at times seem overwhelming were it not for a correct focus on the capacity of Christ's cross to atone for them. Leviticus 7:1-10 offers encouragement in this:
  2. God's Signal To Rest In The Efficacy Of The Cross For Sin's Damages, Leviticus 7:1-10.
    1. In Leviticus 7:1-2a, the Lord revealed the animal used for the guilt offering was to be slain in the same geographical location as was the animal slain for the burnt offering.
    2. This call for the same location for the death of both sacrificial animals came with the observation that the location itself was "most holy," (NIV & KJV) or very separate from sin, Leviticus 7:1b.
    3. If we review the descriptions and lessons learned from the burnt and guilt offerings respectively, we see a wonderful lesson God has for us on the effectiveness of Christ's death to handle sin's damages for us:
      1. The burnt offering signaled the substitutionary offering of Jesus Christ on our behalf, and that it was an entirely acceptable offering by God pictured in how it was completely consumed by fire, Lev. 1:9b. In other words, the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ in our behalf was totally acceptable by the Father to meet His righteous demands that our sin be adequately punished, 2 Corinthians 5:21.
      2. On the other hand, the guilt offering illustrated the fact that even the damages our sins produce are covered in Christ's death, for Christ's death was an adequate guilt offering according to Isaiah 53:10!
        1. The guilt offering was required when any party either intentionally or unintentionally defrauded another, be it God or man from what was the other's rightful due, Bible Know. Com., O.T., p. 183.
        2. In addition, damages incurred due by the infraction were paid by the guilty to the offended in the form of financial restitution, a restitution of 120 per cent of the cost incurred, Leviticus 5:15c, 16.
        3. Of great significance in this regards is the reference to Christ's atonement in Isaiah 53:10 being such a guilt offering (the Hebrew word ma'al for the guilt offering is used there, cf. Ryrie Study Bible, KJV, ftn. to Isa. 53:10-12). Thus, Christ's death resolves the damages caused by sin.
      3. Combining these two offerings, Leviticus 7:1-2a signaled Christ's death COMPLETELY satisfied the demands of a holy God toward resolving all of the damages of man's sin;
        1. As Christ was our burnt offering, He was seen as so sinless by the Father that He was totally capable to atone for our sins with infinite effectiveness! (2 Corinthians 5:21)
        2. Also, as He was our guilt offering, He covered all the damages of every man's sins.
        3. Hence, for both sacrifices to be done in the same LOCATION, God signaled we can rest in the all-sufficient effectiveness of the cross to resolve sin's wretched DAMAGES in every way!
      4. This lesson is further augmented by remaining instructions in Leviticus 7:2b-10 as follows:
        1. The Lord received a portion of the animal as its choice portions were placed on the altar for consumption by fire, Lev. 7:2b-5. This signals God's attitude of reconciliation toward us regarding the damages each of our sins have caused when we are believers in Christ!
        2. All the male priests could eat of the guilt offering (7:6a, 10), signaling the fellowship we believers in Christ have with one another as Christ's death solves damages in our relationships, 1 John 1:7!
        3. Finally, the priests were to eat the meal of the guilt offering in the holy place of God's tabernacle, picturing the fellowship of believers in Christ with God the Son and with the Father, 1 John 1:4. In other words, damages of the believer's sins totally are resolved with the Triune God!
Lesson: Christ's death for us was so EFFECTIVE that all of the damages of sin throughout history are covered, and THEN some, making it possible for a full restoration of blessings, and THEN some!

Application: We can afford not to grieve, but rest triumphantly in the hope that Christ's death opens the door for total renewal over sin's damages, especially the damages of death, broken relationships and the curse (1 Cor. 15:54-57; 1 John 1:7 with Rev. 22:3c-4; Rom. 8:18-23 with Rev. 22:3a,b).