Nepaug Bible Church - - Pastor's Prayer Meeting Lesson Notes -

Part VII: The Resurrection Of The Messenger Of Salvation
D. Christ's Credibility Seen In His Post-Resurrection Appearance By The Sea Of Galilee
(John 21:1-25)
  1. Introduction
    1. Our Christian faith necessitates belief in the bodily resurrection of Christ according to 1 Cor. 15:17-19.
    2. After presenting Christ's resurrection appearance to "doubting" Thomas where Thomas announced Jesus as "My Lord and my God," John launched out into a final and ultimately convincing appearance account that heightened the theme of the risen Lord as precisely that -- the Lord and God of ALL of His disciples:
  2. Christ's Credibility Seen In His Post-Resurrection Appearance By The Sea Of Galilee, Jn. 21:1-25.
    1. John recorded the appearance of Jesus that revealed the Risen Lord was the same Lord Who had initially called the fishermen to follow Him in Galilee years before, John 21:1-13:
      1. Jesus' third post-resurrection appearance in John's Gospel took place in the setting where He had first called His disciples -- by the Sea of Galilee, John 21:1 with Mtt. 4:18-22; Mk. 1:16-20; Lk. 5:1-11.
      2. In that post-resurrection appearance, Christ's actions recalled His initial discipling call of these men:
        1. As in the beginning, the men went fishing all night with no success, John 21:2-3 with Luke 5:5a.
        2. As long before, Jesus urged the men to cast their net into the sea to catch fish in spite of their lack of success the night before, John 21:4-6a with Luke 5:4, 5c-6a.
        3. As at the first, at obeying Jesus' word, they acquired a catch of fish so bountiful they had trouble hauling it into the boat, John 21:6b with Luke 5:6b-7.
        4. Like before, the miraculous drought of fishes produced a dramatic reaction of submission to Christ on Peter's part, John 21:7 with Luke 5:8.
      3. So indisputable was Christ's identity to these men that none of them dared ask Who He was -- they all recognized Him to be the same Lord Who had called them to follow Him long before His crucifixion.
      4. Thus, Christ's post-resurrection appearance by the Sea of Galilee INTENTIONALLY recalled His INITIAL CALL of DISCIPLESHIP, meaning the risen Lord was the SAME Jesus of before!
    2. Going further, John showed this Jesus was the same One Who was with these men just before His death:
      1. The fire of coals on the shore recalled the coal fire where Peter had warmed himself when he denied the Lord: the Greek word for coal (anthrakia) appears only in John 21:9 (here) and in John 18:18 (where Peter warmed himself) in the entire New Testament! (Moulton & Geden, Conc. of Grk. Test., p. 69; L. Morris, John, p. 754, ftn. 39) [Since Peter was wet from swimming in his cloak to shore (Jn. 21:7), he probably warmed himself again by this 2nd fire, intensifying his recollection of his denial!]
      2. Jesus' question to Peter if he loved Jesus "more than these" recalled Peter's promise not to deny the Lord though the other disciples might do so in Mtt. 26:33-34; Mk. 14:29-31 with John 21:15.
      3. Christ's three-fold question of Peter's love recalled Peter's three-fold denial, 21:14, 17; Mtt. 26:74-75.
      4. Jesus' prediction of Peter's martyrdom (Jn. 21:18-19a) recalled his fear that led to his three-fold denial.
    3. But going even further, the Lord combined His initial call with Peter's renewed discipleship to direct him and the others into their FUTURES, revealing His Lordship as God Incarnate in His risen body!
      1. After predicting Peter's martyrdom, Jesus repeated His initial "Follow Me!" command by which He first called Peter from the fishing nets years before, John 21:19 with Mtt. 4:18-19.
      2. This tied together the entirety of Jesus' years of relating with Peter, something only God can do!
      3. Thus, this lakeside appearance of the risen Lord revealed His Chief Shepherdship as God Incarnate and thus CREDIBILITY as the Risen Lord Himself.
Lesson: His awareness of intimate DETAILS about Peter and the disciples going back over the YEARS of His contact with them, and His drawing them together into a SINGLE package by the Sea of Galilee revealed the Lord Jesus AROSE and is GOD Incarnate!

Application: When we read of the Lord's INTIMATE awareness of the DETAILS of those men in Galilee, WE can relate to it since we see Christ TODAY showing INTIMATE awareness of our lives as He interacts with us in discipling us. Thus, WE have subjective evidence ourselves of His resurrection.