Nepaug Bible Church - - Pastor's Prayer Meeting Lesson Notes -

Part IV: Presentation Of The Messenger Of Salvation
D. Christ's Credentials Revealed In His Preparations For The Cross
3. Christ's Credibility Seen In Encouraging His Disciples In VIEW Of His Coming Cross
d. Christ's Supply Of Peace That Offsets Human Unrest In A Sin-Afflicted World
(John 14:27-31)
  1. Introduction
    1. It is no secret that many people -- including sometimes we Christians -- lack sustained peace in their lives.
    2. However, Jesus claimed He both left His peace with us and gave it to us in John 14:27. We examine John 14:27-31 to understand what that peace is, and how we can incorporate it in our experience (as follows):
  2. Christ's Supply Of Peace That Offsets Human Unrest In A Sin-Afflicted World, John 14: 27-31.
    1. The believer is to be at such peace that Jesus expects him to stop being unsettled and cowardly, Jn. 14:27b:
    2. To perceive what causes such a peace, and how, we view the context of John 14:25-31 as follows:
      1. Jesus stated He was leaving His peace with the disciples as well as giving it to them, John 14:27a.
      2. Believing this was not a needlessly redundant statement, we note the context for its explanation:
        1. Jesus had just noted He would send the disciples the Holy Spirit eternally to take up the parenting slack of His visible absence from the disciples, John 14:26a with John 14:16, 18 NIV.
        2. This Spirit would always remind the disciples of the words Jesus had spoken to them, Jn. 14:26c.
        3. Thus, the peace Jesus was leaving came from the words He was speaking, and the peace He would give would be the Spirit's ministry of permanent indwelling to keep those words of Jesus ever in mind, providing constant peace! No wonder Jesus said the world could not give such peace, 27b!
      3. Thus, we note Jesus' words to see what peace they supply as follows, John 14:28-31:
        1. First, Christ's departure to the Father should cause us joy, for that exit meant Jesus returned to the glory of the Father where He would leave the humiliation of His earthly life and cross behind, 14:28. This exaltation brings hope for the BELIEVER, for as JESUS is GLORIFIED, the believer HIMSELF sees his ETERNAL FUTURE one of GLORY that is IN the GLORIFIED LORD!
        2. Second, Christ's prophecy that He would be glorified after the coming event of the cross would build the disciple's faith in Him, for fulfilled prophecy always indicates the validity of the Prophesier. Similarly, concentrating on the fulfilled prophecies of Christ and God's Word builds our faith in the truth of Christ, Scripture and our Christian faith to our resulting peace!
        3. Third, Christ noted He would not be able to speak with the disciples much shortly because He would be under Satan's pressure during His coming suffering. However, the disciples were to know that Satan had nothing IN Jesus, beca use Jesus was SINLESS, and would PROVE it by His victoriously going through the cross without sin to conquer Satan, Jn. 14:30-31c. Thus, we believers gain hope in recalling Jesus' prediction and then fulfillment of this prophecy as the SINLESS Savior Who supplies US a SURE redemption and eternal life!
        4. Fourth, having stated these peace-giving truths, Jesus faced the cross boldly, Jn. 14:31d. In so doing, Jesus exampled the REALITY of His victory over Satan! Since WE have victory over Satan by being strong in CHRIST , these words encourage us in the angelic conflict, Eph. 6:10.
Lesson: (1) The PEACE Jesus has for the believer in the world is found in His WORDS of truth. (2) That PEACE is PERPETUALLY SUPPLIED by the indwelling Holy Spirit GIVEN to us by Christ when we fellowship with Christ, and He supplies that peace b y constantly reminding us of Jesus' peace-giving words. (3) Those WORDS deal with (a) Christ's exaltation and thereby of our own coming glorification in heaven, an encouragement in the midst of current troubles. (b) Those words supply the REALITY of ou r faith as signaled in the fulfilled prophecies of Christ and Scripture. (c) Those words remind us of the SURE VICTORY over Satan and sin signaled in Christ's conquest of Satan at the cross, a victory that is OURS TODAY over Satanic pressures and temptatio ns if we rely on our Lord, His Word, His power and His intercession for us, Eph. 6:10-12!