Nepaug Bible Church - - Pastor's Prayer Meeting Lesson Notes -

Part XXX: Certifying Christ's Divine Identity Through His Displayed Power Over Demons
(Luke 8:26-39)
  1. Introduction
    1. The Christian lives in a world that is not only affected by sin in men, but is entrenched in the holds of the Evil One and his emissaries, demons, cf. 1 Jn. 5:19b.
    2. With the increase of the occult and spirit world activity in our post-Christian era America, it does us well to examine Christ's interactions with demons so that we know where we stand, how and why. Luke 8:26-39 offers us that opportu nity as follows:
  2. Certifying Christ's Divine Identity Through His Displayed Power Over Demons, Luke 8:26-39.
    1. When Jesus arrived on the eastern shore of Galilee, near Gadara, He was met by a demoniac, Lk. 8:26-27a.
    2. This demoniac was in dire straits before the power of the demonic realm, Lk. 8:27b-30:
      1. The demon possessed man had been indwelt for a very long time, Lk. 8:27b.
      2. His condition had led to his not wearing any clothes, Lk. 8:27c.
      3. He lived outside of the homes among the tombs of the dead, Lk. 8:27d.
      4. The spirits within him opposed Jesus, and were terrified of His coming judgment on them, Lk. 8:28, 31.
      5. The spirits had caused his chains put on him by subduing authorities to be broken many times, Lk. 8:29c
      6. The devil had driven the man into the wilderness away from civilization and other people, Lk. 8:29d.
      7. The man was possessed by many demons, Lk. 8:30. A legion consisted of between 3,000 and 6,000 soldiers, so the name of these spirits, being legion, meant the man had several thousand demons in him!
    3. Jesus ordered the demons to come out of the man (8:29), and they asked that He send them into a herd of swine nearby instead of being confined to the abyss, the last place of judgment, 8:31-32; Rev. 9:1; 20:1,3.
    4. Jesus allowed them to come out, but apparently led the swine to charge down into the watery abyss of the Sea of Galilee and drown, an ironic demise that pictured the demons' future judgment, Lk. 8:33. Jesus had the right for destroyin g the swine, for though this territory was dominated by Gentiles who raised the pigs, pork was off limits to Jews under the Law, and shouldn't have been raised there, anyway.
    5. Upset and fearful at these actions, the people of the area begged Jesus to leave their territory, 8:34-37b.
    6. When Jesus started to get back into the boat, the cured demoniac asked if he could go with Jesus, 8:38. Jesus responded by giving him the assignment of testifying to the area of his salvation, Lk. 8:38b-39a.
    7. The man obeyed, spreading his testimony far and wide in the region that had rejected Christ, Luke 8:39b.
Lesson: There are a number of lessons from this text about the demonic world: (a) The believer may face opposition to success for a LONG time as he seeks to be a light to his world, and that by demonic opposition, 8:27b. (b) Demons influence peopl e in the world to dress scantily, Lk. 8:27c. (c) Demons get people preoccupied with hideous environs like tombs rather than the edifying home, 8:27d. (d) Demons oppose Jesus, and those who fellowship with Him and do His will, and that often through the agency of other godless people, Lk. 8:28 with 2 Tim. 2:24-26. (e) Demons lead people to be insubordinate, 8:29c. (f) Demons push people into anti-social behavior, Lk. 8:29d. (g) It is possible for a multiple influence of many demons to afflict a g iven individual in a certain circumstance, Lk. 8:30. (h) However, Jesus is totally sovereign over the demonic world as He is GOD, able to equip those helplessly oppressed by them to become victorious lighthouses of the truth where they had once failed, Lk. 8:29-39.

Application: (1) If we notice in our experience any of the struggles mentioned in this text, it is very possible that the demonic world is involved, and we must go to Christ in prayer for help, Eph. 6:10-12 with 6:18. (2) We should never FE AR an encounter with such spirits, for Christ has already obtained the victory for us over them at the cross, Col. 2:15. Our Great Savior, Christ is also Lord of the underworld powers, for He is God!