Isaiah: Jahweh Is Salvation

Part LXXI: God's Preparation For Israel's Restoration

(Isaiah 62:1-12)


I.              Introduction

A.    Not only do God's people hope for God's future eternal blessings, but God Himself yearns to bless His people.

B.    Isaiah 62:1-12 describes God's yearning for Israel's Kingdom restoration, and we view it for our insight:

II.           God's Preparation For Israel's Restoration, Isaiah 62:1-12.

A.    In the opening verse of Isaiah 62, God the Father expressed His strong desire regarding Jerusalem's future, claiming He would not hold His peace nor be quiet for the sake of Zion and Jerusalem until her righteousness went forth as brightness and her salvation as a burning torch, Isaiah 62:1; Bible Know. Com., O. T., p. 1116.

B.    In that Messianic Kingdom era, the Gentile nations of the world will see Israel's righteousness and all of their kings her glory, and she will be called by a new name to signify her new righteous character, a name that the Lord will give her by His own mouth, indicating the reality of her righteousness, Isaiah 62:2; Ibid., p. 1117.

C.    Accordingly, like a large metal ring worn on the head as an adornment, Jerusalem will be an adornment to the Lord, displaying His splendor, Isaiah 62:3; Ibid.  Thus, the righteousness of the saved people of Israel will be so great that the Lord will be greatly glorified for His work in producing it in them, Ibid.

D.    Isaiah 62:4-5 likens Jerusalem's new relationship with God to the happiness found in a new human marriage: no more will the city be called "Deserted" or "Desolate," previous characteristics of Jerusalem due to her sin, but "My Delight Is In Her" (Hephzibah) and "Married One" (Beulah), Isaiah 62:4a,b; Ibid.  God will so delight in the city's righteous people that He will see that their land is married (Isaiah 62:4c) in the sense that as a young man marries a young woman, her sons will marry her, and as a bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall her God rejoice over her, Isaiah 62:5.  The picture here is of complete unity and fellowship between the people themselves in their land and between Jerusalem's people and the Lord.

E.     Meanwhile, in view of this great future hope, God had a message for the righteous people of Isaiah's era:

1.     God told the righteous that He had set them on Jerusalem's walls as watchmen, that as actual watchmen are never to sleep while on duty, the righteous were to be vigilant in remembering the Lord and telling others of His truth, taking no rest until God establishes Jerusalem and makes her a praise in the earth, Isa. 62: 6-7.

2.     Such watchmen were to hold God to His promises, knowing this was God's will, that they should pray for and yearn for the arrival of God's Kingdom as Jesus taught His disciples to pray in Matthew 6:10; Ibid.

3.     Regarding God's promises, they included His pledge by His mighty right arm never again to give Jerusalem's grain to her enemies as food nor foreigners her wine for which she had labored, but that those who gathered the grain in harvesting would eat it with praise to the Lord and those who collected the grapes would drink of the wine they produced in the courts of God's temple sanctuary, Isaiah 62:8-9.

F.     As if the Lord were on His way just then, Isaiah 62:10-12 called the righteous to be vigilant for His arrival:

1.     God called them to go through the city gates, to prepare the way for the people, to build up the highway, to clear it of stones, to lift up a signal over the peoples for the coming of the Lord, Isa. 62:10 ESV.  This was a call for the people of Jerusalem to prepare themselves spiritually for the Lord as if He were on His way!

2.     Indeed, God had proclaimed to the ends of the earth, and He wanted this news proclaimed to Jerusalem's people, that her salvation would come with His arrival, and that His reward was with Him and His recompense for service for Him to give to His deserving righteous servants, Isa.62:11 with Rev. 22:12.

3.     The righteous at God's appearing will be called "The Holy People," "The Redeemed of the Lord," "Sought Out," "A City Not Forsaken," names of reward and glory for being found to be righteous, Isa. 62:12 ESV.


Lesson: God earnestly yearns for the day when He joins His people in person in unrestricted spiritual fellowship and He richly blesses them with glory and praise when they will be fully righteous due to His grace.  Accordingly, those who are upright today amid a still very imperfect world are still vigilantly to trust God's promises about His future blessing, to wait for the Lord to fulfill them and to direct others to the Lord while staying upright in expectation of His arrival and His great reward for their current service.


Application: Since God Himself greatly longs for the Messianic Kingdom, may we who know Him earnestly long for that era also and act as spiritual "watchmen" to direct others to the Lord, to trust in Him and to wait for Him while staying upright and committed to performing His assignments in expectation of His rich eternal reward.