Isaiah: Jahweh Is Salvation

Part LXIX: God's Glorious Blessings For Israel In The Kingdom

(Isaiah 60:1-22)


I.              Introduction

A.    The Messianic Kingdom will truly come, and it will be glorious.  Where Isaiah 59 predicts God's salvation of Israel from sin, Isaiah 60:1-22 deals with the triumphant blessing of the Kingdom that follows that salvation.

B.    We thus view Isaiah 60:1-22 to appreciate the glory of Christ's Kingdom in view of His gracious salvation:

II.           God's Glorious Blessings For Israel In The Kingdom, Isaiah 60:1-22.

A.    Due to God's salvation wrought for Israel as seen in Isaiah 59:19a, 20-21, the light of God's blessing and glory will rise upon saved Israel in the Messianic Kingdom, Isaiah 60:1; Bible Know. Com. O. T., p. 1115.

B.    The spiritual darkness that will surround the world's nations will disperse when the Lord comes to Israel and the nations will be attracted to His glory, Isaiah 60:2-3.  "Though everyone entering the Millennium will be saved, people will be born during that 1,000-year period of time" and "(m)any of them will come to salvation because of God's work on Israel's behalf," Ibid.

C.    Isaiah predicted that Israel's people will flock toward her Land as her little children are carried on the hip (Isa. 60:4) and Israel will joyfully see the abundant wealth of the nations come unto her in ships and multitudes of camels arrive from Midian, Ephah and Sheba bringing gold and frankincense with praise unto the Lord and flocks of Kedar, rams of Nabaioth to adorn the Millennial temple and add to the worship of God, Isa. 60:5-7.

D.    Ships from Tarshish, probably southwestern Spain, will bring not only riches but people of Israel to adorn the temple in honor of the Lord because God had made Israel beautiful and honored, Isaiah 60:8-9; Ibid.

E.     The Gentile nations will acknowledge Israel in the Kingdom, Isaiah 60:10-14; Ibid.:

1.     Foreigners will build up Jerusalem's walls in contrast to Nehemiah's day when the men of Israel struggled to rebuild the city wall against Gentile opposition, and Gentile kings will serve Israel, for though God in His wrath had struck Israel by use of the Gentiles, He will have had mercy on His people, Isaiah 60:10.

2.     Jerusalem's gates will be open perpetually that the Gentiles might bring their wealth led in procession with their kings into the city, and those nations that would not serve Israel will be laid waste, Isaiah 60:11-12.

3.     Lebanon's glory will come -- the pine, the fir and the cypress together to adorn the temple, Isaiah 60:13.

4.     Even the sons of those who afflicted and despised Israel will come and bow at Israel's feet, calling Jerusalem the City of the Lord and the Zion of the Holy One of Israel, Isaiah 60:14.

F.     Because of God's salvation of Israel, He will reverse her former hated and forsaken status  before the nations, making her majestic and a joy for the ages, giving her the wealth of the Gentiles in blessing, Isaiah 60:15-16.

G.    Besides a great influx of wealth (Isa. 60:17a), Israel's overseers will bring peace and righteousness instead of former unrest and wickedness (Isa. 60:17b), with violence and destruction of the past being replaced with Salvation and praise to the Lord for his deliverance, Isaiah 60:18.

H.    Instead of the sun and moon, God will be Israel's light (Isaiah 60:19), and Israel's light will no more set like the sun and moon, for God will always illumine her since her past mourning is done, Isaiah 60:20.

I.      The greatest blessings will occur to Israel's people themselves, Isaiah 60:21-22a:

1.     Israel's people will be righteous due to God's salvation, so they will possess the land forever as God's planting all to the glory of the Lord for His salvation grace, Isaiah 60:21.

2.     The least in Israel will become blessed to be a clan, the smallest become a mighty nation, Isaiah 60:22a.

J.      In a grand summation of this list of Millennial Kingdom blessings, God declared that He was the Lord, that in its time He will hasten to produce these great blessings, Isaiah 60:22b.


Lesson: Israel and the Gentile nations will experience abundant, comprehensive blessings in sharp contrast to their past troubles when God delivers them from sin by His great grace, all to the glory of His grace!


Application: (1) If we have not done so, may we believe in Jesus Christ for salvation from sin that we might not only have eternal life, but participate in the blessings of the Messianic Kingdom of Christ after His Second Coming, John 3:16; Isaiah 60:1-22.  (2) May we live today in spiritual alignment with the Kingdom order to come, (a) loving the Hebrew people as a remnant of them will be saved in the Great Tribulation to enter into Christ's Kingdom and glory, (b) using our financial resources for God's glory today and (c) praising God in worship for His unmerited favor to us in Christ.