Isaiah: Jahweh Is Salvation

Part XL: Learning From The Song Of The Redeemed In The Kingdom, Isaiah 26:1-21

A. The Lesson From The Reverse Of Fortunes Of The Humble And Oppressed

(Isaiah 26:1-6)


I.              Introduction

A.    Following the Great Tribulation period comes the thousand-year, millennial reign of Christ, and the redeemed in that Millennial Kingdom will praise the Lord with the song provided by Isaiah in Isaiah 26:1-21.

B.    Verses 1-6 of that song tell of the reversal of fortunes for the godly humble and oppressed (Bible Know. Com., O. T., p. 1074), providing insight, direction and encouragement for the godly today (as follows):

II.           The Lesson From The Reverse Of Fortunes Of The Humble And Oppressed, Isaiah 26:1-6.

A.    In contrast to the destruction of the lofty fortresses of Moab in Isaiah 25:10-12, the song of the redeemed in the Messianic Kingdom in Isaiah 26:1a,b has them claiming they have a strong city, Jerusalem where Messiah reigns, a picture of their security, Ibid.; Edward J. Young, The Book Of Isaiah, 1974, v. II, p. 203.  Messiah's presence there thus causes the redeemed to claim that salvation exists for its walls and ramparts, Isaiah 26:1c.

B.    Thus, its city gates will be open so a righteous nation might enter, one that is faithful to the covenant of the Lord as a covenant nation should act in contrast to the unfaithfulness of Judah to God's Mosaic Covenant in Isaiah's time, Isaiah 26:2; Ibid.  This nation in the context is the justified nation of Israel that comes through the Great Tribulation oppressions under the antichrist and his evil kingdom, Ibid., Bible Know. Com., O. T.

C.    Isaiah 26:3-6 then reveals the sure blessings of the once-oppressed and humble saints in the Messianic Kingdom, Ibid.; Ibid., Young, p. 206; I (as follows):

1.     For the righteous nation that faithfully adheres to the Lord (Isaiah 27:2), those whose minds are leaning [fully extended out upon] on (batah, B. D. B., A Heb.-Eng. Lex. of the O. T., p. 105; Robert B. Girdlestone, Syns. of the O. T., 1973, p. 104) God as their help amid trials from wicked oppressors, God will keep them in a state of perfect peace of mind, Isaiah 26:3; Ibid., p. 206-208.  The term "perfect peace" translates the idiomatic repetition of the word "peace" in the Hebrew text (shalom shalom) that means complete peace (Kittel, Biblia Hebraica, p. 642).  Thus, when the heart shifts from relying on man to rely on the Lord for help in regard to handling the afflictions faced from wicked oppressors, it "abides firm and constant, preserved in His perfect peace, for it rests, not upon the changing sands of human opinion, but upon God, the Rock eternal and unchangeable," Ibid., Young, p. 208.

2.     In reaction to God's provision of perfect peace, the righteous nation, about to enter Jerusalem, calls on other nations to put their trust in the Lord forever, for in "Jah," the Lord (Ibid., Kittel) is an everlasting Rock that will never disappoint with a lack of security, Isaiah 26:4; Ibid., p. 208-209.

3.     In addition, not only is God an eternal Rock of security for the righteous, but the righteous nation about to enter Zion in the Messianic Kingdom will claim that God has "brought low the dwellers on high and the high city" of wicked oppressors, Isaiah 26:5; Ibid., p. 209-210.  The city brought low likely refers to any city like the fortresses in Moab leveled by the Lord in Isaiah 25:10-12, cities of the wicked who had once afflicted the righteous humble people of God, Ibid., p. 201.

4.     Thus, "those whom the dwellers on high had oppressed now trample the fallen city under foot, and thus assure its full subjection," Isaiah 26:6; Ibid.  Note how very applicable this statement is to the Revelation 20:4 report: there, the souls of them who had been beheaded in the Great Tribulation for the witness of Jesus and the Word of God, those who had not worshipped the antichrist nor his image nor receive his mark on their foreheads or hands, will in great contrast be raised and rule with Christ for a thousand years.


Lesson: In the Messianic Kingdom of Christ, the redeemed will sing of the great reverse of fortunes for them in which they, the formerly humble and oppressed, will be glorified and honored by God's grace.  They will enjoy Messiah's great protection and security, they will rule with Him, and they will faithfully adhere to the Lord as they completely rely on Him for help, a reliance rewarded by God with a perfect peace and lasting blessing.


Application: (1) May we trust in Christ to be saved and participate in His future Kingdom, John 3:16.  (2) Then, (a) may we rely on the Lord regarding trials by wicked oppressors to obtain His rich perfect peace, (b) and thus enjoy His great, stable security in spite of our oppressors that we can powerfully testify to other people of their need to rely on the Lord.  (c) We can thus trust God one day to bless us with honor and victory over our oppressors.