Isaiah: Yahweh Is Salvation

IV. God's Messianic Pattern For Ultimate Righteous Societies

(Isaiah 2:1-5)


I.              Introduction

A.    Following the Isaiah 1:1-31 condemnations of Jerusalem's sinful leaders and society, the word of the Lord came to the prophet Isaiah concerning the future Messianic Kingdom's blessings, Isaiah 2:1.

B.    That prophetic message detailed God's Messianic pattern for an ultimately righteous society in contrast to Israel's current state, a message that concludes with a moving application for people in any era (as follows):

II.            God's Messianic Pattern For Ultimate Righteous Societies, Isaiah 2:1-5.

A.    In the future Messianic Kingdom, opposite the sin of idolatry, men will worship the Lord alone, Isaiah 2:1-2:

1.     Isaiah predicted that in the last days, those of the Messianic Kingdom (Ryrie Study Bible, KJV, 1978, ftn. to Isaiah 2:2-4), the mountain of the Lord's temple will be established as the top of the mountains in importance, and possibly also likely in altitude, Isaiah 2:2a with Ezekiel 40:2-4. 

2.     This exaltation of the temple mount contrasts with the errant worship of the era when Judah's people worshiped on high places besides the temple where God told them to worship, Deut. 12:1-7; 1 Kings 11:7.

3.     In place of Judah's leaders seeking after false idols (Isaiah 1:28-31), not only her leaders, but the nations of the world would flow unto the mount of the Lord in the submissive worship of Him, Isaiah 2:2b.

B.    In the future Messianic Kingdom, instead of Judah's leaders selfishly focusing on bribes that the vulnerable would be left without justice and afflicted (Isaiah 1:23), there will be a total transformation in heart, Isaiah 2:3:

1.     In place of self-centeredness, men will urge one another to join them to go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob, for mutual instruction from the Lord for mutual blessing, Isaiah 2:3a.

2.     At that temple site, God will teach them of His ways as opposed to man's formerly evil ways, Isaiah 2:3b.

3.     Thus, God will inform men on how to apply His truths so they might walk in His paths, Isaiah 2:3c. 

4.     This will all occur since out of Zion will go forth the Law of God, and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem not only to the people of Judah, but to all nations on earth, Isaiah 2:3d.

C.    Thus, great blessing will flow worldwide in contrast to Judah's current judgment for sin, Isaiah 1:24-31; 2:4:

1.     First, the Lord will judge among the nations, to decide verdicts on disagreements among them, Isaiah 2:4a.  Opposite the false judgments distorted by bribery in Jerusalem of Isaiah's era (Isaiah 1:21-23) where Judah failed to be a light to the nations for their discipling, God will hand out fair, just rulings not only for Judah, but for the nations of the whole world!

2.     Second, not only Judah, but the world's nations will beat their swords into mattocks, "the plough knife which cuts the furrows for the ploughshare to turn up," and their spears into pruning knives, Isaiah 2:4b; Edward J. Young, The Book of Isaiah, 1974, v. I, p. 109.  Agricultural pursuits of great bounty for all the nations will replace the death-inducing effects of war.

3.     Third, the nations will not lift up sword against any other nation in war, Isaiah 2:4c.

4.     Fourth, the nations will not even know how to make war, for they will forget how to do so, Isaiah 2:4d.  This reveals that there will be lasting peace growing out of the instruction of the Lord to the nations.

D.    Accordingly, in a heartfelt appeal, Isaiah called the whole house of Jacob, Israel of the Northern Kingdom that was then in Assyrian Captivity and Judah of the Southern Kingdom still not captured, as men will call one another in the Kingdom, to come join him in walking in the light of the Lord, Isaiah 2:5.  His logic is simple but profound: if heeding God's Word in the Kingdom will overcome the injustices and unrest worldwide, what great blessing would occur now if God's people of today were to walk in the light of God's revealed Word!


Lesson: (1) God's Messianic Kingdom pattern for ultimately righteous societies will involve (a) the worship of the Bible's God as opposed to any false god and (b) the shift from selfishness to concern for one's neighbor and neighboring nations (c) to flow unto the Lord for His instruction and application of righteousness.  This will result in (d) God's just verdicts among all peoples permanently to end war.  (2) Since this future social state will involve heeding God alone as God and His Word in the coming Kingdom of Christ, we should encourage one another to walk in the light of the Lord today to enjoy what foretastes of His blessings He has to offer us today!


Application:  May we encourage one another to walk in the light of the Lord, in the light of His Word, that we might enjoy blessed peace and bounty as a foretaste of the Kingdom to come!