Nepaug Bible Church -
Men's Leadership Support Group Meeting notes -

Part V: The Character Profile Of Overseers Who Regularly Live By God's Power
(1 Timothy 3:1-13; Titus 1:5-9)
  1. Introduction
    1. If we overseers habitually rely on God's Holy Spirit, a wonderful character profile begins to emerge in us.
    2. Paul outlined this profile in 1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:5-9, and we view it for encouragement to keep on living by God's power so that this character profile will become ours in the fullest sense (as follows):
  2. The Character Profile Of Overseers Who Regularly Live By God's Power, 1 Tim. 3:1-13; Tit. 1:5-9.
    1. Without the charge of sin [anegklaytos = "blameless" (KJV, NIV), "above reproach" (ESV); cf. Richard C. Trench, Synonyms of the New Testament , p. 380-381], Tit. 1:6a.
    2. Without any grounds for the charge of sin [anepilaympton = "blameless" (KJV, NIV), "above reproach" (ESV); cf. Ibid., p. 381-382], 1 Tim. 3:2a.
    3. A (literally) "One-Woman Man", U. B. S. Greek N. T., 1966 ed., p. 723, 739), 1 Tim. 3:2b; Tit. 1:6b [As the same pattern of expression, "one-man woman" is used of godly widows in 1 Tim. 5:9 where it can only picture a woman who has been wed in her life to but one man, the "one-woman man" elders were to be men who had no history of divorce and remarriage; Bible Know. Com., N. T., p. 743.]
    4. Sober (relative to wine, and applicable to all substance abuse) [nayphalion = "vigilant" (KJV), "temperate" (NIV), "self-controlled" (ESV); T. D. N. T., vol. IV, p. 940-941], 1 Tim. 3:2c.
    5. Self-controlled regarding one's own temperament [egkratay = "temperate" (KJV), "disciplined" (NIV, ESV); Ibid., Moulton & Milligan, p. 180], Tit. 1:8f.
    6. Self-restraining to save and not harm outside of one's self [sophrona = "sober" (KJV), "self-controlled" (NIV, ESV); cf. Moult. & Mill., Vocab. of the Grk. N. T., p. 622-623], 1 Tim. 3:2d; Tit. 1:8c.
    7. Well-mannered [kosmion = "of good behavior" (KJV), "respectable" (NIV, ESV); cf. Ibid., T. D. N. T., vol. III, p. 895-896], 1 Tim. 3:2e.
    8. Hospitable [philoksenon = "given to hospitality" or "a lover of hospitality" (KJV), "hospitable" (NIV, ESV); cf. Ibid., Moulton & Milligan, p. 671], 1 Tim. 3:2f, Tit. 1:8a.
    9. Able to teach [didaktikon = "apt to teach" (KJV), "able to teach" (NIV, ESV); Ibid., T. D. N. T., vol. II, p. 165], 1 Tim. 3:2g.
    10. Not overbearing [may authaday = "not selfwilled" (KJV), "not overbearing" (NIV), "not arrogant" (ESV); Ibid., Trench, p. 349], Tit. 1:7b.
    11. Not quick-tempered [may orgilon = "not soon angry" (KJV), "not quick-tempered" (NIV, ESV); Ibid., T. D. N. T., vol. V, p. 410], Tit. 1:7c.
    12. Not a bully [may playktayn = "no striker" (KJV), "not violent" (NIV, ESV); Arndt & Gingrich, A Grk.-Engl. Lex. of the N. T., p. 675], 1 Tim. 3:3b; Tit. 1:7e.
    13. Not contentious [amaxon = "not a brawler" (KJV), "not quarrelsome" (NIV, ESV); Thayer, Thayer's Greek-English Lex. of the N. T., p. 31], 1 Tim. 3:3c.
    14. Gentle [epieikay = "gentle" (NIV, ESV); cf. Ibid., T. D. N. T., vol. II, p. 588-590], 1 Tim. 3:3b.
    15. Not loving money [aphilarguron = "not greedy of filthy lucre" (KJV), "not a lover of money" (NIV, ESV); Ibid., Arndt & Gingrich, p. 126], 1 Tim. 3:3d.
    16. Not fond of dishonest gain [may aisxrokerday = "not given to filthy lucre" (KJV), "not pursuing dishonest gain" (NIV), "[not] greedy for gain" (ESV); Ibid., p. 24], Tit. 1:7d.
    17. Managing his household well, 1 Tim. 3:4-5; Tit. 1:6b.
    18. Loving what is virtuous [philagathon = "a lover of good men" (KJV), "one who loves what is good" (NIV), "a lover of good" (ESV); Ibid., Moulton & Milligan, p. 668], Tit. 1:8b.
    19. Righteous [dikaion = "just" (KJV), "upright" (NIV, ESV); Ibid., T. D. N. T., vol. II, p. 187ff], Tit. 1:8d.
    20. Devout [hosion = "holy" (KJV, NIV, ESV); Ibid., Trench, p. 328-330], Tit. 1:8e.
    21. Respectable [semnous = "grave" (KJV), "worthy of respect" (NIV), "dignified" (ESV); Ibid., p. 572], 1 Tim. 3:8a.
    22. Sincere (lit., "not double-tongued") [may dilogous = "not double-tongued" (KJV, ESV), "sincere" (NIV); Ibid., Arndt & Gingrich, p. 197], 1 Tim. 3:8b.
    23. Not a new convert to avoid turning proud in oversight and falling into Satan's condemnation, 1 Tim. 3:6.
    24. Having a good reputation with unbelievers lest he be destroyed via Satan's reproach, 1 Tim. 3:7.