FAQs about Nepaug Bible Church
What is the purpose of your church?

To tell and to teach. Tell about salvation in Christ. Teach how to live a new life in Christ.

What denomination are you?

None. We have no ties with any church or denomination. We are a local church, truely. Our history has been Congregational.

Are you the only good church around?

No! We are grateful for all churches which teach and preach the Bible, proclaiming Jesus Christ as God the Son, and His finished work on the cross as sufficient for salvation forever for all those who trust in Him and Him alone.

Are you those "Born-Again" people?

Yes, in the Biblical sense of the term. We truly are born-again to a new life in Jesus Christ, as are all genuine Christians.

What is a Christian, then?

A person who acknowledges Jesus Christ as God the Son, and as his personal savior, knowing the cross paid for all his/her sins, and that He was raised bodily from the grave.

What do you mean by salvation?

Simply, that one has a full and total divine pardon for his sins thru the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and that he/she now is an adopted child of God with an eternal new life.

Do you take the bible literally?

Yes, for we believe it is God's inspired, inerrant revelation, thru the superintending by God of the writings of His servants. So, we believe God says what He means, and means what He says, without making mistakes.

Is is necessary to believe in Jesus' bodily resurrection?

Absolutely! For "if Christ be not raised, your faith is in vain." What good is a dead "Savior?"

Well, where is Jesus now?

In heaven, soon to come again, this time in judgment as king.

Are you charismatic or pentecostal?

No, we neither practice or teach such things as "speaking in tongues", "faith-healing", or "new visions and revelations".

Who can join your church?

Any genuine believer in Jesus Christ, who is like-minded with the beliefs and practices of our church body.

What do you do in services?

In our worship, we teach the Bible, sing, and pray. We have communion periodically. In our evening service, we are even more informal, with questions and discussion of God's Word.

What do you teach?

Only what the Bible teaches, our task is to proclaim the Word, not edit or change it.

What about baptism?

We baptize only believers, only by immersion, usually in the Nepaug River.

How is your church governed?

In the Biblical pattern, with ruling Elders, assisted by Deacons. All are elected by the congregation. The Pastor is an Elder.

How do you raise money?

We don't! We have no fund-raising activities of any sort, no pledge cards or campaigns, no requests for funds. We don't even take an offering! God moves His people to support this work, as they grow in the Word.

What do we do with our children?

We have two nurseries during Sunday morning worship hour, plus a children's church for 4-5 year olds. During the Sunday School hour, we have classes for every age group from 2 years old on up.

When does Sunday School meet?

Before the morning service. We have excellent Adult and Teen Seminars then, too.

Do you have any other activities?

Yes, all kinds for all types: Wednesday nite Bible Study/Prayer, Sunday Evening Services, Various Home Bible Studies, Vacation Bible School, Potlucks, Picnics, Films, etc.

Do you support missionaries?

Yes, we support many Bible-teaching persons and groups, locally, nationally and internationally. Check out our Missionary page for the details.

Who comes to your Church?

Folks from: Avon, Bantam, Bristol, Burlington, Colebrook, Collinsville, Farmington, Goshen, Harwinton, Morris, Nepaug, North Canton, New Hartford, Pine Meadow, Pleasant Valley, Southington, Terryville, Thomaston, Torrington, West Cornwall, West Hartford, Winsted, for example.

You might also find our formal Statement of Faith to be a helpful resource.