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Micah: An Eloquent Presentation Of God's Salvation From Ungodly Leadership
Part VII: Cycle Four Of Doom And Hope: God's Word To His Own In A Nation Ripe For Judgment
C. Hope Segment: An Encouraging Conversation With God On A Blessed Future
(Micah 7:11-20)
  1. Introduction
    1. A time is coming when sin will have been judged, and the faithful will be blessed of the Lord.
    2. It is edifying for the believer to dwell on that hope, and Micah 7:11-20 exemplifies how this can be done:
  2. Hope Segment: An Encouraging Conversation With God On A Blessed Future.
    1. Following an extended section that predicts the coming doom of the people of Judah for their sin (Micah 6:1-7:10), Micah 7:11-20 supplies the final "Hope Segment" to end the book on an encouraging note.
    2. That "Hope Segment" provides a wonderful conversation between the prophet, Micah and the Lord about the nation's future blessings, a conversation that is very encouraging to consider as follows (Mic. 7:11-20):
      1. God's prophet predicted a coming time of great blessing, the Messianic Kingdom, Micah 7:11-12:
        1. Micah shared God's prediction that in the Messianic Kingdom, Israel will rebuild her vineyard walls (gader) and expand her boundaries, Micah 7:11 NIV; Bible Know. Com., O. T., p. 1490. [There will be no need for city walls of protection since war will be a thing of the past, so this expansion describes a peaceful scene where farmers work to keep animals from eating their grapes, Ibid.!]
        2. In that era, people from Assyria and Egypt, Israel's longtime Gentile foes, will come to her along with folk from sea to sea and from mountain to mountain, a figurative depiction of people from around the world, to worship the Lord in Jerusalem, Micah 7:12; Micah 4:2; Ibid.
        3. However, just before that time, the nations will have been judged by God for their sinful deeds, and the earth will have thus been left desolate in the Great Tribulation Period, Micah 7:13; Ibid.
      2. Longing for such a time in his own era, the prophet Micah besought the Lord to restore and provide for Israel like a shepherd who provides for his flock like He ministered to Israel in her past, Micah 7:14.
      3. In reply, the Lord promised Micah He would perform wonders for Israel as her Shepherd similar to how He had ministered to ancient Israel in great power when they she the land of Egypt, Mic. 7:15-17:
        1. God replied that Gentile nations will yet witness Him once again perform great wonders for Israel, causing the Gentiles to be ashamed since His power was far greater than theirs, Micah 7:16a; Ibid.
        2. These Gentile nations will be speechless and refuse to hear of Israel's victories for fear, and they will figuratively lick the dust in humiliation as lowly serpents, and, like animals coming out of their hiding places, they will surrender to God and respect the nation Israel, Micah 7:16b-17; Ibid.
      4. <+@>Responding to these amazing promises of such a complete reversal of fortune for Israel as compared to her lot in Micah's time, Micah praised the Lord, extolling His great grace (as follows), Micah 7:18-20:
        1. Micah marveled that God was so uniquely gracious in contrast to the false gods of the nations, for He would pardon Israel's abundant sins and forgive her transgression in order to reverse her current defeat before the Gentiles into a great triumph over Israel's Gentile foes, Micah 7:18a.
        2. Indeed, he marveled that God does not stay angry forever, but that He delights to show loyal love to His people as a God of great unmerited favor, a God of great grace, Micah 7:18b.
        3. Micah asserted that God will again have compassion on Israel, figuratively attacking her sins by treading them underfoot, and hurling all her iniquities into the great depths of the sea, Micah 7:19.
        4. In summation, Micah noted God will be true in staying faithful to Jacob's line, showing mercy to father Abraham in fulfilling His still-remembered, ancient Genesis 12:1-3 covenant to Abraham!
Lesson: In a priceless conversation with God, the prophet Micah anticipated Israel's coming Kingdom as a time not only of material blessing, but a time when Israel will be highly supported by God before her former Gentile foes. Such a total reversal of fortune for Israel would be due to God's gracious forgiveness of her sin and His resulting restoration of blessing, so Micah praised the Lord for His great grace and unwavering faithfulness to fulfill His ancient promises to Abraham and to his offspring!

Application: Be sure that if we confess our sins, God will abundantly forgive and bless us also!