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Proverbs: Motivating Teens And Adults To Align With God's Fixed Moral Order
Part IV: Proverbs Of Other Godly Men On God's Fixed Moral Order, Proverbs 22:17-24:34
A. Thirty Proverbs Of Other Godly Men, Proverbs 22:17-24:22
6. Studying Proverbs 24:11-22
  1. Introduction
    1. Solomon's Proverbs 10:1-22:16 sayings are followed by those of other men in Proverbs 22:17-24:34 (Bib. Know. Com., O. T., p. 925, 954), and 30 of them are grouped in Proverbs 22:17-24:22, Ibid., p. 954.
    2. In contrast to Solomon's style, many of these proverbs have a theme that is presented in more than one verse, and we view proverbs twenty-five through thirty of this group of 30 in Proverbs 24:11-22:
  2. Studying Proverbs 24:11-22.
    1. Proverbs 24:11-12 presents the twenty-fifth saying, teaching (11) snatch away (nasal, Kittel, Bib. Hebr., p. 1184; B. D. B., A Heb.-Eng. Lex. of the O. T., p. 664-665; Hiphil = causative) those who are being taken away ( laqah, Ibid., Kittel; Ibid., B. D. B., p. 542-544; Niphal = passive) unto death; and those tottering, slipping (mot, Ibid., p. 556-557) to slaughter (hereg , Ibid., p. 247) hold back (hashak, Ibid., p. 362), (12) because if you say, "Behold! I did not know [about] this," does not He [God] (emph. pron.) Who estimates [evaluates] ( takan, Ibid., p. 1067) the hearts discern (bin, Ibid., p. 106-107), and does not He (emph. pron. again) Who guards your life principle (nepesh, Ibid., Kittel, p. 1184 and p. 3 re: Gen. 2:7 where God made man a nepesh with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life) know? And will He not repay (shub, Ibid., Kittel; Ibid., B. D. B., p. 996-1000) a common man (adam , Ibid., Kittel; Robert B. Girdlestone, Syns. of the O. T., 1973, p. 45-50) according to his deed (poal, Ibid., B. D. B., p. 821)?
    2. Proverbs 24:13-14 presents the twenty-sixth saying, asserting (13) eat honey, my son, because it is wholesome (tob, Ibid., Kittel, p. 1184 and 2 in citing Gen. 1:31 re: God's wholesome [ tob] universe), and flowing honey from the comb (nopet, Ibid., B. D. B., p. 661) is sweet (matoq, Ibid., p. 608-609) to your palate (hek, Ibid., p. 335); (14) thus know that wisdom [is also sweet] to your life principle (nepesh, cf. Pr. 24:12); if you find [it], then there is a future (aharit, Ibid., p. 1184; B. D. B., p. 31) [for you] and that for which you hoped ( tiqwah, Ibid., p. 876) will not be cut off (carat, Ibid., p. 503-504; Niphal = passive).
    3. Proverbs 24:15-16 presents the twenty-seventh saying, stating (15) do not lie in wait (arab, Ibid., p. 70) as a wicked man at the abode (naweh, Ibid., p. 627) of the righteous; do not assault, raid ( shadad, Ibid., Kittel, p. 1184; Ibid., B. D. B., p. 994; Piel = intensive) his resting place (rebes, Ibid., p. 918), (16) for seven times the righteous falls (napal , Ibid., Kittel; Ibid., B. D. B., p. 656-658) [and] he rises (qum, Ibid., Kittel; Ibid., B. D. B., p. 877-879), but the wicked are brought down (nashal, Ibid., p. 505-506; Niphal = passive) in calamity, injury, distress ( ra'ah, Ibid., Kittel; Ibid., B. D. B., p. 949). God sustains the upright, so attacking them is futile, and attacking them is also foolish as makes the attacker evil, leading to his fall!
    4. Proverbs 24:17-18 presents the twenty-eighth saying, teaching (17) do not exult (samah, Ibid., Kittel; Ibid., B. D. B., p. 970) in the fall (napal, cf. Pr. 24:16; inf. construct) of your enemy ( ayab, Ibid., Kittel; Ibid., B. D. B., p. 33; ptc. used as a substantive), and when he stumbles (kashal, Ibid., p. 505-506), do not let your heart rejoice (gil , Ibid., p. 162), (18) lest (pen, Ibid., Kittel; Ibid., B. D. B., p. 814-815) Jahweh see it as evil in His eyes and He turn away (shub, cf. Pr. 24:12; Hiphil = causative) His wrath from him.
    5. Proverbs 24:19-20 presents the twenty-ninth saying, asserting (19) do not fret yourself (harah, Ibid., B. D. B., p. 354; Hithpael = intens. reflex.) over evil men (ra'a' , Ibid., Kittel; Ibid., B. D. B., p. 949; ptc. used as a substantive); do not be envious (qana', Ibid., p. 888) of the wicked, (20) for there is no future (aharit , cf. Pr. 24:14) for the evil man, and the lamp (ner, Ibid., Kittel, p. 1185; Ibid., B. D. B., p. 632; fig. of prosperity) of the wicked will go out, be extinguished (da'ak , Ibid., p. 200).
    6. Proverbs 24:21-22 presents the thirtieth saying that teaches (21) fear Jahweh, my son, and the king; do not fellowship with (arab, Ibid., p. 786; Hithpael = intens. reflex.) those who alter [from such respect in rebellion] ( shanah, Ibid., p. 1039-1040), (22) for suddenly (pit'om, Ibid., p. 837) distress, calamity (ed, Ibid., p. 15) will arise from the two of them [God and the king], and who knows what disaster? ( pid, Ibid., p. 810) We must respect both God and human rule as God has let all who rule come to power, Rom. 13:1.
Lesson Application: May we align with God's fixed moral order in each of these realms for blessing.